The Grim’s Dyke has a thriving wildlife community living in the formal gardens and adjoining woodland. As well as being a secluded haven of peace and quiet, it is also a unique environment for animals, birds and insects due to it being a meeting point of several different types of habitat. The orchard, moat, woodlands, gardens and the open fields beyond all offer a variety of environments and the fact that everything is grown organically at the hotel without the use of pesticides is another reason for animals to breed here and not merely visit.

Rare muntjack deer, foxes, voles, tawny owls, woodpeckers, great crested newts, mining bees, common toads, hawkmoth, butterflies and bats have been seen by hotel guests and interestingly we seem to have a flock of parakeets! In the orchard, dead wood is turned into log piles to encourage hibernating animals and insects. Even the hedges are trimmed at the right time of year to avoid disturbing any birds that might be nesting inside them and in the Spring there is usually at least one family of ducks to be found paddling in the moat.

Visit us and take a stroll around our extensive gardens and woodlands to see what wildlife you can spot.

Please may we respectfully advise that prior written consent is required from the hotel for guests wishing to take formal photos in our house or grounds.

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Groups Bookings and Tours are Welcome

Book a Tour

Call: 0208 385 3100

Groups Bookings and Tours are Welcome