Picnics – The Traditional Victorian Way

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Picnics, are the ideal opportunity to meet up with friends and family. A chance to enjoy an informal yet tasty meal, whilst having fun in the great outdoors. Wealthy landowners loved a good picnic, as it gave them the chance to sit and enjoy the scenery their estates gave them. And it was the Victorians who brought picnics to the … Read More

The Kitchen Garden in May

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kitchen garden

Summer is only around the corner and for the gardeners among us, May is one of the busiest months for the kitchen garden! The plant growth increases and the weather keeps us on our toes! Sunny warm days inevitably bring on rapid growth in the kitchen garden, just as with other gardens and lawns. However, the warmer weather also encourages … Read More

Nature Walks Around Grim’s Dyke

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Nature Walks

For the nature walk lovers and walkers staying in the Harrow Weald area, Grim’s Dyke is a perfect location. Not only do you have our own grounds to discover, but there’s also a few well-known nature walks around for you to explore the local flora and fauna. No matter what your walking abilities and experience, you can enjoy a pleasant … Read More

Your Corporate Event – Organising in 10 Steps

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Corporate Event

Your corporate event needs to run smoothly and look effortless. But, if you’re looking to organise a corporate function for your company, you’ll know – they take a lot of effort and time to arrange! Whether you’re looking to organise one for your staff, clients or the general public, here are our top 10 steps to making your corporate event … Read More

Your Wedding Venue – 5 Things To Consider


Wedding Table

Which wedding venue? With so much choice available, it can be really difficult to narrow your choice down. The initial request would be to check they have your preferred wedding date available – but what next? How can you then narrow down your choices, so you find the perfect wedding venue for you? 1: Know what type of day you … Read More

How to choose a venue for your corporate event


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Whether you’re planning a team-building day for staff, a larger meeting for shareholders or a product launch with prospective clients, a corporate event must be carefully managed. Choosing an appropriate venue is the key to getting your corporate event off to a good start. It’s important to ensure you’ve considered every detail. How many people will be attending? The number … Read More

Why The Grim’s Dyke is the perfect venue for your next party

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Wedding Canapés

Grim’s Dyke Hotel is the perfect venue for your special occasions. Nestled among beautifully landscaped gardens it provides a perfect hideaway location. It also has easy access to London and the surrounding area – making it the perfect venue for your next party. The right location for your needs Choosing the right location is key to the success of your … Read More

Top ten tips for organising your next conference

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Conference Organising

If you’re looking to organise a conference, you’ll no doubt be feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead. Organising your next conference is quite a large task but, if you follow these top ten tips, you’ll be able to lose some of the overwhelm and get on with the job at hand! #1: Assign a team to help organise your next … Read More

Whisky or Whiskey: Does it really matter?

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whisky or whiskey

Which is the correct spelling whisky or whiskey? It’s the topic many a whisky-lover gets worked up about. And more to the point, does it really matter? Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple yes or no answer – both spellings are correct! The introduction of a new spelling – for the Irish distillers Until the late 19th Century, all whisky distilleries … Read More