Top 5 tips for event organisation

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Event Organising

Organising an event can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many different elements to consider, from the choice of venue, through to overall theme and costs. Regardless of whether you’re looking to organise a wedding, a corporate event or private party, here are our top tips to help make your event organisation a little easier! #1: Plan your event … Read More

Doctor Who, Daleks and The Grim’s Dyke

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The Evil of the Daleks was the ninth and final serial of the fourth season the popular science fiction television series Doctor Who. The Doctor had regenerated for the first time during this fourth season, with Patrick Troughton taking over from William Hartnell. For the first time, the entire cast changed over the course of this fourth season – something … Read More

The Secret language of flower

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Known as floriography, the cryptic message of flowers has been used for thousands of years. The Victorians especially, loved how they could use flowers to send small bouquets (or nosegays) of coded messages to their loved ones. These flowers could be worn or carried as fashion statements, whilst the message itself could be decoded with a bit of patience and … Read More

Top 7 tips for planning your wedding

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There’s so much to organise when you’re looking to get married. Initially, your dress will be the number one task, as it’s going to be centre stage on your big day. However, the day itself also needs organising – and that’s where the overwhelm tends to kick in. If you’re looking to ease that overwhelm and get a clear plan … Read More

Top 10 Victorian flowers

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Bouquet of spring flowers in basket

The Victorians loved flowers. Not only did they use them to adorn their homes, they were also used to scent their toiletries and clothes, flowers also had hidden symbolism too. Many a Victorian sweetheart could send unwritten wording through their choice of floral bouquet.   Here’s the top flowers of choice for the Victorians, along with what message they portrayed.  #1: The … Read More

The etiquette for Victorian dining

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Victorian dining was a complex affair. Not only was there the formality or writing to ask guests to attend, there was the complexity of organising who sat where, what dishes to serve (along with how many!) and ensuring that all guests would have an enjoyable evening.   When it come to the actual evening, the table needed to be set right, … Read More

Arthur Playfair – The dancing corporal

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Arthur Wyndham Playfair was an actor and singer. He appeared in a couple of William Schwenck Gilbert’s operas, as well as Edwardian musical comedies, and also created roles in Victorian burlesques. Born on the 20th October in 1869, Playfair started life in Ellichpur, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He made his first appearance on the British stage … Read More

The Victorian love of Billiards

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An empty pocket on an old billiard table

In 1883, the then owner of Grim’s Dyke, banker Robert Heriot hired designer Arthur Cawston to add a billiard room to the existing property at Grim’s Dyke. The room was adjacent to what was formerly Goodall’s studio and was designed in a coarse Gothic style. Sir William Gilbert wasn’t keen on this style of architecture. He had this room overhauled in 1890, adding a new suite of … Read More

Grim’s Dyke: What it takes to become a Grade II* listed building

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Sunken Garden

Steeped in history, Grim’s Dyke is not only a stunning example of British Architecture, it has links to several influential and key historical British figures. However, its history goes back even further than the building itself – and it’s all these facts combined, that helped Grim’s Dyke achieve its Grade II listed building status.  But what exactly enables a building to gain this status and … Read More

Grim’s Dyke, Jazz and the Graham Pike Band

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Graham Pike Jazz Quartet

Officially a quartet, the Graham Pike band comprise an exciting line up of experienced professionals, utilising the sound of piano, bass, drum kit and brass, to name a few. They can be hired as a quartet, trio or duet, enabling audiences of all sizes to experience their unique blend and groove. They make a classy feature at any event, often playing the … Read More