10 steps to birthday party success

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Colorful cupcakes with sparklers

Organising a birthday party can be stressful. There’s a lot of things to consider and different people to speak with if you want the end result to be a success. However, if you want to reduce that stress and make your birthday party run smoothly, you need to have a plan. The sooner you start organising it, the less you’ll … Read More

7 Essential gardening tasks for winter

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Set of garden tools. Pruning in the garden.

If you’re a novice or casual gardener, you may be forgiven for thinking that it’s time to hang up your gloves and put your feet up, during the winter months. However, it may often be quieter in the garden, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to do until spring. Here are our seven essential gardening tasks for the winter … Read More

The Art of Champagne Sabrage

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A Champagne bottle, cavalry sword and a celebration in full swing – what could be more ceremonial or flamboyant! Champagne sabrage has long been seen as a sign of celebration and victory, but when did this type of celebration first start? And, as many people are inevitably thinking – is it easy to do? The origins of Champagne sabrage It’s … Read More

Warming whisky drinks to warm the heart

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Whisky Drinks

The nights are longer and the central heating keeps getting tweaked. It can only mean one thing – winter is almost here! It’s the time of year where we love nothing more than spending the evening snuggling under blankets in front of an open fire, whilst we sip from a hot mug and enjoy pleasant conversation. But what’s your tipple? … Read More

The 7 different types of Whisky you need to know about

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7 Types of Whisky

Whisky, loved and enjoyed by many, is essentially a hop-less beer made from either corn, rye, wheat, barley or oats. But did you know, there are essentially 7 different types of whisky? Each of those different grains used to produce it has a different sugar content and, the higher the sugar content, the sweeter the whisky will taste. No matter … Read More

The wildlife of Grim’s Dyke

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Grim’s Dyke is an attraction to many of our visitors. Not only does it have a rich history, but the building architecture and garden design also play a big part in that attraction. However, another reason Grim’s Dyke is popular is down to the wildlife the grounds attract. Whether you’re a bird watcher, nature lover, entomologist or keen wildlife spotter, … Read More

Christmas at Grim’s Dyke

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Christmas At The Grims Dyke

Now the summer holidays are out of the way, it’s time to think about the next big event in your calendar – Christmas. Here at Grim’s Dyke, we’re here to help you celebrate the Christmas period in style. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, traditional merriment or good ole knees up, we have something to help you celebrate in style! … Read More

Whisky or Whiskey: Does it really matter?

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Whisky or Whisky, and does it really matter?

It’s the topic many a whisky-lover gets worked up about. Is it correct to spell whisky with or without an ‘e’? And more to the point, does it really matter? Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple yes or no answer – both spellings are correct! The introduction of a new spelling – for the Irish distillers Until the late 19th Century, … Read More

How to host your own murder mystery dinner

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Detective Colored Composition

Hosting your own murder mystery dinner can be such great fun. If you fancy playing your hand at being a detective, there are many different murder mystery dinner party games you can buy. Each one will include everything you need to have a fun-packed evening of entertainment, food and good fun. However, if you’ve never hosted your own murder mystery … Read More

How to taste wine like an expert

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red wine tasting

So many of us enjoy a glass of wine. No matter what your experience of wine, you can learn to appreciate some of the amazing choices on offer for you. But learning how to taste wine is something you have to learn to master if you want to really benefit and savour your wine. But how do you learn to … Read More