10 Facts about the beautiful wisteria plant

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Wisteria is a beautiful, delicately scented climber that graces many a wall in the UK. Ideal for training up structures, pergolas and trees, it’s a popular plant and loved by many. Here are our top 10 facts about this popular climber. #1: Wisteria is part of the legume family The legume family is also home to peas, beans, lentils and … Read More

English Bluebells

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These beautiful woodland plants can be seen throughout any wooded area in the UK, including the woods at Grim’s Dyke. Bluebells need no introduction; they’re instantly recognisable and loved by many. Here’s why we love the Bluebell. #1: Bluebells can spread rapidly! They seed freely and can live in the garden compost easily too. It is said that the UK … Read More