The tradition of wedding favours

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wedding favours

When it comes to cutting back on the expense of a wedding, the favours you give away to guests could be considered a ‘nice to have’ extra that can easily be cut out altogether – but that would be a huge mistake!

Wedding Favour

Personalised Wedding Favour Sticker Jar by 3 Blonde Bears

The History of Wedding Favours

Wedding favours have a long history and a significant one at that. You’re not just giving a gift, you’re sending your thanks, appreciation and blessings to each of the recipients.

Traditionally, wedding favours or ‘bonbonnieres’ were given out by the French aristocracy. They handed out beautifully intricate porcelain or metal boxes to each of their guests. The boxes were decorated with crystals and semi-precious stones and contained sugar-coated treats, such as almonds, chocolates and sweets. The gift itself symbolised the wedding couples care and love for their guests, whilst the almonds are said to have symbolised the sweetness and bitterness of married life!

Whether you opt for a traditional or modern wedding day, the act of giving favours signifies those same sentiments. If you follow the tradition back, in the UK ‘love knots’, woven creations of ribbon and lace were given; in the middle east, 5 almonds were given out to guests, to bestow blessings of fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness to everyone.

wedding favour

Mr & Mrs Cookie. Wedding Favour by Nila Holden

Modern Wedding Favours

Modern favours can include candles, photo frames and even sachets of hangover cure, but the most common and much-loved version of the wedding favour is still sweets and almonds. Maybe we love the sentiment shared from the middle east or that of the original bonbonniere box, but whichever option suits your big day, weddings are long seen as lucky and blessed – so why not share your thanks and those best wishes with your wedding guests!

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