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There’s a massive amount of planning to be done, once you’ve agreed to get married. Initially, your focus will be on the all-important wedding dress and venue however, once those key factors are in place, your attention will inevitably turn to your wedding floral arrangements.

So, how do you choose what flowers to have on your wedding day?

Here’s some pointers to help you make an informed decision over your wedding day flowers.

#1: Make sure you’ve already decided on both the venue and your wedding dress.

This is so important, as both will have an impact on the colours, style and choice of flower.

Any wedding venue can have specific ‘rules’ regarding floral decorations. Some will be happy to accommodate anything you like, whereas others may have limitations on where you can put flowers. There are also some venues that may benefit from having more floral displays around on your big day, to brighten them up – and of course, there’s also venues that have so much natural beauty already, they may not even need that many floral adornments to make them look stunning.

Your wedding dress sets the overall style and theme of your wedding, as well as having an impact on the colour choices. Depending on the style or cut of your wedding dress, it will also have an impact on the style of bouquet you have – large trailing bouquets will overpower slim fitting or slinky dresses, whereas an elegant line bouquet of lilies or orchids wouldn’t.

#2: Consider your budget

If your finances are going to impact your floral choices, consider clarifying what’s in season at the time of your wedding. Some of the more popular choices (roses and lilies, for example) are always readily available however, if a flower is rare or out of season, it’s usually harder for the florist to source – meaning a higher price for you.

Foliage is also a good filler material for any floral arrangement. It’s cost effective and visually appealing, so you could get more foliage added, if you need cut down on costs and, if you want to create impact – less is often more.

Your final option for cutting costs is to cut down on the amount of floral arrangements you need. Your bouquet, the bridesmaid’s flowers, along with the buttonholes and mother’s corsages are most important – decorating the wedding venue, reception venue and dining tables, are of less importance.

Wedding Flowers Bouquet#3: Consider what’s trending

When it comes to styles, knowing what’s popular will help you narrow down your options, as well as give you some pointers. Start collecting images of what you find visually appealing, as you will then have some visual pointers for your florist.

Of course, regardless of the current trends, there’s always going to be those classical flowers that are always in style. Roses, lily of the valley, orchids, calla lilies and peonies are all classical wedding day favourites.

#4: The hidden meaning of flowers

All flowers, along with the different colour choices, have long been known to have hidden meaning – so you could look into this approach, when choosing your wedding flowers. This was extremely popular in the Victorian era, so if you’re having a traditional wedding, a Hollywood theme or any other bygone era-themed wedding, this could add an extra (and sentimental) touch to your big day.

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