It’s not too late to organise a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend

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Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to organise a surprise for your loved one, and the idea of a romantic weekend away is one of the most favoured of surprises. However, we often think these weekend surprises take a lot of organisation, as well as a long timeline; but this isn’t always the case.

Here at Grim’s Dyke, we believe that any weekend away can be romantic, so if you’re looking to surprise your Valentine, here’s some tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Sync your schedules

This doesn’t necessarily mean spoiling the surprise and letting your partner know about your getaway plans – think outside the box. You may need to talk to your partner’s boss, in order to book the time off, or their family, to organise childcare or pet sitting, but you’ll then be able to keep the getaway a surprise.

Tip #2: It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day

We believe that it’s the sentiment that makes Valentine’s Day special. It’s the opportunity to show how much you care for the other person – and that doesn’t have to be restricted to February the 14th. Whether you’re unable to get away on the 14th or are struggling to find a vacancy (hint: give us a call, you may be surprised!) – you could always book another weekend in February, as we’re sure it’ll be an equally beautiful surprise.

Tip #3: Find a romantic destination

Romance isn’t just about the date, it’s about the ambience too. We believe we’ve struck gold, as Grim’s Dyke is both a beautiful location (remember we’ve been used as a film location for the romantic-drama ‘Sliding Doors’) and has a romantic history.

Tip #3: Plan the extras

When it comes to extras, we’re talking about food and drink, entertainment and flowers – and these are a lot easier to plan, if you go for a location that has access to them all. When it comes to a romantic getaway at a hotel, you ensure easy access to food and drink. Not all hotels will offer entertainment or flowers, so you need to take this into account, prior to booking – but you also need to think outside the box.

Entertainment could be as simple as plenty of romantic walks around some beautiful, scenic gardens; it could also mean finding out what there is to do, in the immediate area. So, do your homework and a) find out what your expectations are and b) research the immediate location, to find spas, sports venues and theatres etc.

We think Grim’s Dyke is the perfect location for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend away – and we think you will too, once you set eyes on our beautiful location and 19th Century country house!  Our luxurious en-suite rooms have everything you need for a romantic weekend and, if you want to add the wow factor, some even have four-poster beds. You can also personalise your stay, by adding flowers, chocolates and champagne to be ready in your room, on your arrival – you can organise it all, by giving our reservations team a call: 0208 385 3100

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