Tips for choosing your baby’s Godparents

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Having your baby christened is a special and significant event for everyone involved. You’re welcoming your baby into the community of your local church, putting them on a lifetime journey into your chosen faith. For parents who aren’t or any set religion, a naming ceremony may be performed instead. Not only do these events celebrate your child’s journey through life, they’re the perfect opportunity to provide them with the guidance and support they’ll need – and that includes selecting godparents to help them.

However, it isn’t always an easy choice. Traditionally, a godparent was someone who was responsible for your child’s religious education. Nowadays, you’re selecting a person who you believe will be there for your child, providing them with the religious and/or general life support and advice they’ll need, as they grow up. So, how exactly do you select the right godparents for the job ahead?

Here’s some tips to get you started!

Tip #1: Select someone who’s going to be around

A godparent’s role is to be there for your child, as they’re growing up – and they can’t do that, if they only ever see you once in a blue moon! Select a godparent who is already in regular contact with the family, as they’ll understand your values and beliefs, as well as your parenting preferences etc. A godparent is expected to visit on birthdays and other occasions, as well as staying in regular contact with the child throughout their life.

Tip #2: Pick someone who is both responsible and a good role model

Another essential criterion your godparent needs to fulfil, is that of a good moral compass. Godparent’s need to set a good example for your child – they’re setting them on the right path in life and they can’t do that, if they have no morals themselves.

Tip #3: A godparent needs to have the same religious beliefs as you

Generally, you’ll want to pick a godparent who has the same religious beliefs as you. For many religions, this is a necessity – they don’t allow godparents of different faiths. The Church of England insist on the godparents being baptised, confirmed and practicing Christian – so you need to check out your church’s requirements, prior to narrowing down your godparent choices.

Tip #4: You need more than one godparent!

When it comes to picking godparents, you need to have more than one! For Christian children, you need two godparents that are the same sex as you child, and one that is of the opposite sex. If you’re not a practicing Christian, you can have as many or as few as you like – but one of each sex is usual.

Tip #5: A godparent doesn’t have to have children of their own

Godparents don’t need to be parents themselves. As long as they’re over 16, they can be chosen.

Tip #6: A godparent doesn’t have to be a relative

You can select anyone you want as a godparent, they don’t have to be a relative. There’s also no limit to how many godchildren a person has.

Being a godparent is not only an important role in your child’s life, it’s an honour for the person chosen. That’s why it so important that you select the right person for you and your child. By using the five tips above, you’ll ensure you’re on the way to choosing a suitable godparent for your child.

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