10 things to look for, when booking a romantic wedding venue

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When it comes to weddings, some women grow up with firm ideas about how their perfect day will look. For many, their wedding day needs to be the most romantic day of their lives, based on the fairy-tale stories of princes and princesses they grew up with. It’s no wonder then, that booking a romantic wedding venue for this fairy-tale day is top of the wedding to-do list!

Here’s 10 things to look for, when finding the romantic wedding venue of your dreams.

#1: A venue with character and charm

When it comes to romantic weddings, obviously the wedding dress is THE top priority. However, the venue is a close second. Look for a venue that has both age and beautiful architecture. You’ll also want somewhere that can create a memorable entrance for you and your guests, and has the potential for great interior photos, should the weather prevent you from making it outside.

#2: Stunning grounds 

This leads us to the second thing to look for – stunning grounds. When it comes to romantic locations, you’re looking for those features that’ll create the wow factor in your photos – water features, sunken rose gardens and other beautiful floral displays, romantic hideaways and even a mysterious-looking woodland area!

#3: A secret escape

No matter how wonderful your wedding day will be, there’s going to be a time during that day, where you’d just love to have a breather! Both the bride and groom need a time-out, to refresh your batteries and have a quiet couple of minutes – so look for a venue that has somewhere you can both escape to, during your big day.

Wedding Rings#4: Beautiful lighting

Your ideal location needs to have lighting that enhances the romantic mood. Think about how you can use lighting to create the effect you want – such as subdued lighting, chandeliers, the ability to put up fairy lights or use candles, if you wish.

#5: Elegant styling 

Think about how the furniture and fittings within your venue, fit in with your romantic theme. Whether you’re opting for shabby chic, old world, unusual or vintage, check the décor suits your needs.

#6: Scented flowers

You can’t have a romantic wedding, without scented flowers! Check out the venue, to see how it can be suitably decorated with fresh flowers and if they’re happy for you to do so.

#7: Create nostalgia

A romantic wedding is as much about the romance and the happy couple, as it is about the nostalgia of love. If your guests are single, they want to be you – if they’re married, they want to relive the romance and love in their own relationship. This is where you can add personal photos, play old music and generally relive your (and your guests) early years. If you can get a venue that already has nostalgic elements, such as a grand piano or Victorian statues etc, even better.

#8: Attentive staff

On your big day, you want to feel like a princess, having your every whim catered for. When choosing a romantic venue, find out if you’re given your own wedding co-ordinator and people around, to help make that happen.

#9: Atmosphere and mood

This is where the décor, building, theme, lighting and styling all come together to create the right atmosphere for you and your guests.

#10: Exclusivity

Whatever venue you choose, you want it to yourself for the entire day. Ask whether you get exclusive use of the venue – as there’s nothing worse than having to rush your guests out of the building, to make room for the next wedding!

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