How to cater for children at your wedding

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We all love a good wedding! It’s a lovely time for celebration, plus it brings the entire family together – including the old and young. Often though, young children can find the whole experience a little overwhelming. It can be a long day for them, plus it’s often geared more for the older guests.

However, with a few simple tweaks, you can make the entire experience a positive and enjoyable one for the younger guests too. Here’s how to cater for children at your wedding:

Opt for a morning or early afternoon wedding

Toddlers and babies are most awake either first thing in the morning, or in the afternoon, after lunch. They’ve usually had a sleep and been fed, so they’re happier – and this means they make for better wedding day guests during these times too! If you can, look to have your wedding ceremony in the morning or early afternoon, to tie in with these times, as younger guests are more likely to be happier, more engaged and more alert.

Look to include children in your wedding ceremony

Children like to be included, so why not see how you can include them in your wedding ceremony? This may mean having a flower girl or page boy and letting the slightly older children hand out orders of service or be ushers. Another option would be to have a separate play area or provide entertainment in another room, for children to enjoy during your vows.

Keep them entertained

Some venues may already have a children’s play area outside, but look at how you can provide some child-friendly entertainment for the younger guests. Providing entertainment for children doesn’t necessarily mean separating them from the adults. It could be as simple as providing colouring books and pencils and party bubble pots for every child, right through to hiring a magician and face painter to circulate during your reception. Another great choice is providing a photo booth and giant board games, such as Jenga or naughts and crosses.

Add in some child-friendly menu choices

Children can be notoriously fussy eaters! When it comes to planning your food, look to include some child-friendly menu choices. Finger food is always popular, as are basics such as chicken nuggets or dippers. It’s important to remember, just because you want a three-course meal, it doesn’t mean young children will want (or enjoy) the same!

Have a dedicated children’s area

This could be a separate room for an impromptu children’s party, but it can equally refer to a dedicate area in your main reception room. You could have a little pile of dressing up clothes, masks and accessories, or you could create a soft play area for toddlers. Another option would be to have a designated children’s table – where they can eat and play if they wish.

Provide a quiet space for children at your wedding

Finally, it’s important to remember children will tire, often early into the evening. Look to have a quiet area for when it gets a little too much for them. This can also be used as a quiet area for the older generation too, as they often need somewhere to retreat too, as well! You could provide some comfy cushions and blankets, and have some children’s DVDs at the ready, for when little ones want to have a quick nap or a wind-down.

By following the advice above, you can see that it only takes a few simple tweaks, to easily make your wedding more child-friendly. So, why not see what you can implement, to ensure the children at your wedding enjoy it too!

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