What does your choice of wedding flower say?

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It’s long been known that flowers can convey a hidden message, with each colour and variety holding a secret key. When it comes to picking your wedding bouquet flowers, for many, it can be a simple case of selecting the most suitable colours for your overall wedding colour scheme – but have you considered what your choice of wedding flower may be saying about you?

When it comes to colour selection, red is most obviously significant of passion and love. Orange coloured flowers spell happiness and energy, yellow signify friendship and joy and pink too, tends to lean towards admiration and joy.

But what about the underlying message of the different varieties? Here is a quick overview.


With so many colour variations of roses, you can create a real mix of colours and, in turn, create a real mixture of positive emotions. With orange signifying passion and energy, lavender signifying love at first sight and pink illustrating your admiration and joy. The only colours to avoid would be blue and black – as one signifies your desire for the unobtainable and the other, signifying death and farewell!


As with roses, most any colour of carnation will be a good choice – except yellow. A yellow carnation will signify disdain and disappointment – so this may be one to avoid on your wedding day.


A flower of friendship, this pretty yellow and pink coloured flower is a good choice, as it signifies wealth and prosperity.

Lily and Lily of the Valley

Calla lilies portray magnificence, beauty, purity and innocence. Other varieties of lilies are similar, with these added benefits: white signifies modesty and virginity, yellow shows gaiety and orange, passion. Lily of the Valley shows purity of heart and sweetness.

Sweet Peas

These delicate flowers are symbolic of a departure after a good time, now indicating your wish for delicate pleasure and bliss.


When it comes to this flower, you’re best avoiding the yellow versions too, as they signify a slighted love. Stick instead to the other colours, as they symbolise optimism, joy, fidelity and a long life.


These tall stems illustrate your bonds of affection and your desires for a lasting and happy life.


Finally, we come to the tulip, an often understated everyday flower, but one that has the perfect message for your wedding day – tulips symbolise your perfect declaration of love.

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