Honouring the natural seasons at Grim’s Dyke

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Here at Grim’s Dyke we like to honour the traditional seasons. No, I’m not talking about the seasonal changes in the weather – but that of the humble but oh so important fruit and vegetable seasons!

As any keen gardener will know, vegetables that are grown in your garden plots will have specific seasons. Traditionally, this inevitably led to a change in your menu – and here at Grim’s Dyke, we like to keep that tradition alive.

We want to make the most of everything that’s grown in our extensive orchards and vegetable gardens. Our head chef, Daren Mason will alter our menu throughout the year, to ensure this happens and, together with his team, they’ll produce mouth-watering dishes to add to the menu, maximising our home-grown fresh produce.

And it’s not just vegetables – we also have an extensive orchard, as well as an herb garden – so there’s plenty of opportunities for Daren and his team to get creative!

Honouring the natural seasons isn’t just about utilising the crops available to us, it’s actually a great way to for your health to benefit to. Eating seasonally gives you the opportunity to eat your fruit and vegetables when they are at their freshest AND tastiest, when they’re packed with nutrition and natural goodness. Seasonal eating also means you’re getting a wider variety of foods in your diet too.

Many of the traditional festivities we celebrate, assist in reminding us of what is and isn’t in season. This is why we tend to reminisce about the smell and sound of chestnuts roasting on an open fire on the lead up to Christmas. It’s why we have pumpkin or squash soups and risottos to warm us up during the colder seasons and salads in the summer months. And of course, talking about the summer months, who can forget the joy of picking (and eating!) fresh strawberries on a beautifully warm sunny day?

Why not take a look at the latest seasonal choices on our menu? We have some great seasonal bread recipes, as well as traditional Plum jam on our lunch menu and there’s some great choices on our dining menu, including mouth-watering Confit Pork Belly with Butterbean or Tomato and Pancetta Cassoulet! You can check out our dining options here.

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