The Benefits of Honouring The Natural Growing Seasons

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The traditional way of honouring the natural growing seasons is something many of us have forgotten. With so much choice available to us throughout the year, it’s understandable that many no longer remember what is in season. The only time you get an indication that your fruit and veg is out of season is by its latest price tag!

However, if you grow your own, the natural growing seasons and seasonal favourites are something you’re very familiar with! We’re the same, here at Grim’s Dyke and we love it.

Knowing what is and isn’t in season, is wonderful for your diet, health and even wellbeing. Here’s why it is so important to honour those natural growing seasons.

The natural growing seasons affect our dining menus

Our menu is often changed to suit the seasonal changes in the garden and orchard. It’s our way of keeping with tradition and ensuring we make use of everything we personally grow. You can do the same at home, by buying fresh and local produce. This helps you really get back in touch with those seasonal changes in taste and variety.

The vegetables that are available during any particular season will always have an impact on the menu here at Grim’s Dyke. And fresh herbs can be added to many different dishes and drinks, ensuring even your evening tipple is topped with seasonal freshness!

Can help you expand your fruit and vegetable intake

The natural growing season is a beautiful thing, not just for our menus, but also our health. Fruit and vegetables taste so much better when they’re at their freshest and ripest. There’s nothing better than deciding what type of pie or crumble you’re going to make with that harvest.

We want to make the most of anything that’s grown in our vegetable and herb gardens, and our beautiful orchards. Whether you’re trying out our latest mouth-watering dishes or producing your own with the very best of our seasonal produce, it can be a great way to get you trying out new beauties and expanding on your five a day.

Spark up those vivid, beautiful childhood memories

And of course, picking, eating and even seeing the latest seasonal produce can bring back amazing memories and talking points, of years gone by. Who can forget eating more strawberries than you should, or crunching into a sweet juicy apple picked straight from the tree?

If you’re a gardener, celebrating the natural growing seasons is the traditional way of doing things. And if you’re not a gardener, why not pop and sample our seasonal menus – and really get a firsthand taste of what honouring the natural growing seasons can be like!

For keen the keen gardeners amongst you, Love The Garden have an excellent planting calendar which can be found here.

To find out more about the wildlife found in the gardens at Grim’s Dyke, read our wildlife blog.

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