Top Wedding Trends for 2019

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Wedding trends for 2019 are both plentiful and encouraging. For many, the royal weddings of 2018 highlighted an uprising of simple, classic elegance. For others, those same weddings were seen as a sign of change – with old traditions and stereotypes being broken, replaced with more diverse options.

Here’s our rundown on the top wedding trends for 2019.

Colour – go subtle or make a statement

For the colour lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that the wedding trends for 2019 still include a big palette of choice. Coral is one of the big summer colours, as is cornflower blue. But if you’re looking for bright and beautiful, there are lots of yellow shades to choose from (such as rich honey colours), as well as pinks and even polka dots!

If you’re more drawn to darker colours, never fear – there’s gorgeous deep blues and reds – with burgundy and plum making a welcome return. Another dramatic introduction is matt black. No longer reserved for funerals, black is now one of the ‘in’ choices for weddings.

However, many brides are now opting to make a statement, rather than opting for a colour. Opting to build a wedding around vibe and mood, rather than a colour, this opens up your wedding to relaxed planning and more creative freedom.

Wedding attire

When it comes to wedding clothing, the top wedding trends for 2019 are more simple, tailored and classic. Wedding dresses with clean lines and no embellishment are the favourite – just ensure you pick the right style for your shape.

Brides are opting to stick with traditional headwear this year, with statement tiaras and headpieces – especially Baroque-style attire. The wedding veil has also made a comeback, as have ornate clips and slides.

For men, the three-piece suit has returned. It’s both stylish and elegant, beautifully complementing the simple tailored look of the bride’s dress.

Floral display wedding trends for 2019

The top floral wedding trends for 2019 all revolve around bringing natural shapes and colour inside. There’s more green foliage in the floral displays – with lots of leaves and natural grasses (such as Pampas), to fill out arrangements. Potted trees, rose arches and natural, foam free displays are big this year.

Dried flowers are also growing in popularity. And this isn’t just referring to the dried confetti flower leaves. Flower garlands and arrangements, as well as the bride’s wedding bouquet itself, are all being created from dried flowers.

Wedding traditions that have been dropped

For many, wedding favours are an expense they just don’t need. They’re being left off the wedding to-do list, with many couples opting to drop them altogether. Instead, they’re opting for beautifully illustrated, custom wedding invitations that utilise calligraphy and gorgeous vellum.

Stereotypical roles are being updated and dropped, in a welcome change to traditional wedding roles. The new options favour more gender and age encompassing options. It’s now a more open choice to have grooms girls and bridesmen, or a mixture of traditional and new. Even flower girls are getting a makeover, as they’re becoming more age-friendly – with grandma now being the favoured choice for this role!

No matter what your preferences this year, it’s obvious to see that the top wedding trends for 2019 are a positive sign of change.

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