What’s happening in Grim’s Dyke Gardens in autumn

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autumn at grim's dyke

Autumn is quite a busy time for all gardeners and here at Grim’s Dyke, it’s no different. Autumn is the time to clear away, tidy and of course, to plant those spring bulbs.

AutumnWe’re also taking the opportunity to tidy out the borders – digging up annual plants and planting up winter flowerers such as Violas and Wallflowers, as well as the thousands of spring bulbs (pansies, daisies, etc) – ready to help compliment the bluebells. It’s also a great time to clear out last year’s compost, by spreading it over the borders.

In the Orchard, we’re still harvesting apples, checking tree stakes and removing any diseased fruit. Autumn also inevitably brings with it fallen leaves, so we’re busy clearing them away – ready for the next lot to fall!

In the Rose Garden

Lady Gilbert’s pride and joy were the roses in her rose garden, so we’ve been busy ensuring they thrive in her honour. This involves continuing with the deadheading, pruning any climbing roses and leaving the other rose bushes to grow rosehips – doing our bit to help the birds out during the winter months. The Rhododendrons are pretty self-sufficient, so they just need checking – but now is the ideal time to plant them, to fill gaps and create glorious displays for the coming years.

In the Kitchen Garden

AutumnIn the Kitchen Garden, we’ve been busy harvesting potatoes, beans and peas, spinach and pumpkins. It’s also the perfect time to get those garlic bulbs and onion sets in and growing, ready for summer. We’ll also be checking the rhubarb, and dividing it, if it seems too clumpy.

When it comes to spring cleaning, autumn is the best time for gardeners.  We’ll be doing what all gardeners will no doubt be doing during autumn – removing trapped leaves from the guttering, cleaning the greenhouse, washing pots out and replacing any glass that needs changing.

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on your lawns. We’ll be checking and removing any moss and pronging over the compacted areas with a fork, to help aerate and drain them. And, with this long list of things to do, it should help keep us all busy in the garden during autumn!

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