10 Tips for hiring the right wedding DJ for you

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Planning your perfect wedding can be exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming. When it comes to the music on your big day, having the right DJ is important. When you’re deciding who to hire to create the soundtrack to your day, keep these top 10 tips in mind.

#1: Choose an experienced DJ

Being a DJ may sound relatively simple and straightforward, but it takes a certain level of expertise and experience to be a good DJ. Make sure you choose someone who has plenty of experience working at weddings, and who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

#2: Request samples

Before you make any bookings, ask your potential wedding DJ if you can hear a sample of their work. Almost every reputable DJ will be happy to provide an audio clip or video, so make sure you listen to it before you book them.

#3: Check they’re insured

A reputable wedding DJ will always have appropriate insurance in place, so don’t be afraid to ask about their insurance policy and what they’re covered for.

#4: Ensure they take requests

As well as providing them with a playlist in advance, you may want to check that your wedding DJ will take requests on the night. Alternatively, if you don’t want guests to be able to interrupt your carefully honed playlist, ask your wedding DJ to avoid taking requests.

#5: Check they’ll adhere to a ‘do not play’ list

There may be some songs you’re not a fan of or some tracks which are better avoided on your big day. If so, check your wedding DJ is willing to work with a ‘do not play’ list and forward it to them in good time so that they can change the set when necessary.

#6: Will your DJ also emcee?

Many wedding DJs will be happy to make announcements and act as an emcee, but others won’t. If you’d like your DJ to double up as an emcee for the night, do check with them before you book.

#7: Check with your venue

Depending on where you’re getting married, you may find that the venue offers a wedding package which includes a wedding DJ (if you’re interested, Grim’s Dyke’s Platinum package includes a DJ for your evening – you can find out more about our packages, here). This type of package can be a great way to find a reputable DJ who is familiar with the venue and utterly reliable.

#8: Ask what music they have

You may want an eclectic mix of tracks on your big day, or you may want to fill the venue with dance tracks or pop music. Whatever your taste is, ensure your potential wedding DJ has access to the music you like.

#9: Confirm they have back-up equipment

With the right back-up equipment, an experienced wedding DJ can overcome any obstacles which may occur on the day. Make sure your chosen DJ has a range of back-up options available, just in case they’re needed.

#10: Get a contract

When you’ve chosen your perfect wedding DJ, make sure you get a contract in place to confirm your booking. With the details all contained within one document, you can refer to it when needed and remind yourself exactly what you’ve agreed.

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