Sabrage: the true mark of ceremonial splendour!

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Sabrage, the act of slicing off the cork from a bottle of champagne, is the mark of ceremonial splendour – and what better place to celebrate both the art and ceremony, than in the beautiful 17th century Grim’s Dyke hotel?

History of Sabrage

Sabrage is said to have started with Napoleon’s infamous cavalry, the Hussards, celebrating their spectacular victories across Europe, just after the French Revolution. Soldiers used their sabers to take off the cork from Champagne bottles, both whilst at celebratory dining parties and when riding off the following morning.

It was frequently used and has subsequently been seen as a sign of celebration and victory to this day.


Sabrage Events at The Grim’s Dyke Hotel

In true historic fashion, Sabrage Evenings at the Grim’s Dyke consist of, not only trying your hand at sabring, but also drinking copious amounts of Champagne to celebrate your resulting victory! Sabrage evenings are perfect for everyone who’d like to experience sabring, as well as those who’d like to promote the enjoyment of fine wine, food and, of course, Champagne.

These evenings give you a change to try your hand at sabrage as well as enjoying fine gourmet dining, wine and Champagne.

For further information, please call 020 8385 3100 or E-mail

Our Sabrage evening is usually held in the Summer, and can be found on our full Events Calendar – click here

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