The British Masters: Great sporting doubles

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British Masters

The British Masters has a history going back 70 years. Originally the Dunlop-Metropolitan Tournament, which then continued as The Dunlop Masters, The British Masters is a prestigious and professional golfing tournament that has had many sponsors – from the original Dunlop, right through to present day Sky Sports.

For 2016 The Masters is returning to The Grove in Hertfordshire. It’s the second time The Grove has held this event so, in the spirit of ‘seconds’, let’s look at those golfers who’ve achieved double wins at The Masters.

Consecutive years winners

The list of winners for The Masters, reads as a ‘who’s who’ of golf. However, despite its long history, surprisingly The Masters has only had two golfers who’ve successfully won on consecutive years.

Bernard Gallacher was the first consecutive year winner, with a win at St Pierre in 1974 and Ganton, the following year. The second golfer to successfully win on two consecutive years was Australian golfer, Greg Norman, who won the championship in both 1981 and 1982, whilst it was still known as The Dunlop Masters.

The Pre-European Tour years

In the Pre-European Tour years, there were several successful double wins. Although none of them were consecutive years, they still deserve recognition for their successes.

South African golfer Bobby Locke, was one of the first double winners – albeit his first being a tie in the very first 1946 Masters championship, when he tied with Scotland’s Jimmy Adams. Locke then followed with his second win, 8 years later in 1954.

The 1950’s bought several double winners – England’s Harry Weetman (1952 and 1958), Ireland’s Harry Bradshaw (1953 and 1955) and Christy O’Connor (1956 and 1959).

The 60’s and 70’s bought us several double winners too, with golfers from England, South Africa and Australia. England golfers Bernard Hunt and Tony Jacklin won it in 1963/1965 and 1967/73 respectively, whilst Cobie Legrange of South Africa won it in 1964 and 1969 and Australia’s Peter Thompson won in 1961 and 1968.

Woburn Golf and Country Club proved to be a very popular course for Spanish golfer Steve Ballesteros. He won The British Masters in both 1986 and 1991at Woburn.

Winning twice is worth the wait

When it comes to winning more than once at The British Masters, there are two golfers who deserve a special mention. Ian Woosnam had to wait nearly 10 years for his double – originally winning in 1983, (the only year Silk Cut were the sponsors) and following it up with his second win in 1994 at the Woburn Golf and Country Club. However, the golfer who had to wait the longest, before getting his second win, was Dai Rees. The Welshman won his first Masters in 1950 – and he didn’t get his second win until 1960, when he won at Wentworth Club – 12 years after his first win.

The 2016 British Masters is being held at The Grove in Hertfordshire, 13-16th October. If you’re eager to witness the championship and a looking for accommodation, then why not book a room at The Grim’s Dyke Hotel? We’re less than 10 miles away, so give us a call and check our availability!

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