How to host your own murder mystery dinner


Murder Mystery

Hosting your own murder mystery dinner can be such great fun. If you fancy playing your hand at being a detective, there are many different murder mystery dinner party games you can buy. Each one will include everything you need to have a fun-packed evening of entertainment, food and good fun.

However, if you’ve never hosted your own murder mystery dinner, it can be daunting. You’d like to know how it works and what you need to do, without having to buy the game first. So just for you, here’s a quick breakdown of how to host your own murder mystery dinner with a preprepared board game.

Have a calculated master plan

It all begins with the game itself. Inside you’ll find everything you need to help you get organised – including a menu, instructions and guest information etc. Opt for the game that appeals most to your taste and preferred party size. You can then start to match your intended party guests with the characters in the game.

Start with the invites

Make sure you send out invites at least a week before the event and always insist on an RSVP. You need to give everyone time to purchase what they need, in terms of costume and props etc. It’s also a good idea to give guests critical information on the invite too, so they have it to hand. This can include the number of guests attending, their character profile and dress code, as well as the designated arrival time.

Look to create the right impression

Both the room and the table decorations need to be in keeping with the event you’re throwing. This doesn’t have to be a really involved process. Often, creating the right ambience can simply be a case of subduing lighting, adding a few strategic props and playing the right music.

Set the stage

Setting arrangements can be part and parcel of your overall game plan, but it also can be decided by personal preference. Alternate male and female guests can work quite well, as can mixing up the guests. It’s also a nice touch to include a small printed menu and a reminder of the game plot, on each place setting.

Proceed with a little fun and intrigue

As the guests arrive, ensure you introduce them to the group and check they have the right information and (if needed) any props. Give each guest time to read through their information, before you get started with the main event – many games designate this time as Round One. Round Two is when you get stuck in, as the victim is revealed and the fun and intrigue commences!

Be the perfect host

It’s your job to make sure everything runs as it should. There may be times where people have forgotten what they need to do or are too shy to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to give them a little prompt! It’s also a good idea to keep the game instructions to hand, so you don’t miss anything crucial to the event.

Throw in great food and refreshments

Most murder mystery games will include a sample menu. It’s up to you whether you deviate from it or not. It’s also essential that you keep your guests hydrated – alcohol is entirely optional of course!

End with the big reveal

Now it’s time for the big finale. Everyone has a chance to guess whodunnit before the final Round Three commences. During this round solution cards are read and secrets revealed and the killer is finally unmasked. It’s also during this period where the host can provide fun awards if they so wish.

Murder mystery evenings can be great fun – that’s why our regular Murder Mystery Dinners are so well received. If you’re keen on being part of one, but don’t want the hassle of organising it yourself, why not book in for ours? You can find out more, along with our other events, by clicking here.

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