Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks

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Known for being one of the lost episodes of Doctor Who, The Evil of the Daleks was the season finale for series four of the popular TV series. Consisting of 7 episodes, each only 25 minutes long, filming took place during the month of April.The Evil of the Daleks was then broadcast on 20th May 1967 – with the remaining … Read More

The History of Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday

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Blog Mother's Day

Every year children around the world show their appreciation for their mothers, by presenting them with cards, flowers and gifts. For the those in the UK, the date for this ‘Mothering Sunday’ changes every year – falling this year, on 31st March 2019. However, for many, this special celebration is frequently referred to as ‘Mother’s Day’ – but they’re actually … Read More

Victorian Architects Ernest George and Harold Peto

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From September 1890 until the end of that year, Sir William S Gilbert supervised the various internal alterations he wanted to be completed at Grim’s Dyke. He employed architects Ernest George and Peto to do the work, as they had a prominent reputation in London and had also designed his London home in Harrington Gardens. Various changes were made, including … Read More

Grim’s Dyke and its fascinating connection to Bletchley Park

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BLetchley Park

Grim’s Dyke has an expansive history and is one of the most notably active sites in Harrow. Not only does it have a connection that goes back to the first years of the very first century, it’s also an important site of historical interest, due to the Anglo-Saxon earthworks known as Grim’s Ditch, its rich architectural connections to the architect … Read More

Share in Lady Gilbert’s love of roses, with this brief history

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Lady Gilbert's Love of Roses

Roses are one of the most popular garden shrubs in the world. They’ve been grown since early civilisations, being grown in ancient Babylon, as well as in Chinese, Egyptian and Greek gardens, as far back as 500 BC. Lady Gilbert had a particular fondness for roses. She created a beautiful sunken rose garden within the grounds of Grim’s Dyke and … Read More

Top 10 Gilbert & Sullivan facts

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GILBERT & SULLIVAN. Sir Arthur Sullivan (left) and Sir William S

The theatrical partnership of Gilbert & Sullivan produced some of the most memorable comic operas. Although the partnership wasn’t always smooth sailing, it stayed as a form of friendship, right until the end. The partnership also had a massive impact on boosting the career of both men and helped shape the future of musical theatre.  Here are ten top facts … Read More

Where to stay when you visit Harry Potter

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Visiting Harry

The award-winning tour ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ is an experience not to be missed. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, have created an experience that delights old and young alike. If you want to enhance that experience further, why not bring your children to stay at Grim’s Dyke – it’s architecture will have them thinking they’ve arrived at their own … Read More

How to cater for children at your wedding

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We all love a good wedding! It’s a lovely time for celebration, plus it brings the entire family together – including the old and young. Often though, young children can find the whole experience a little overwhelming. It can be a long day for them, plus it’s often geared more for the older guests. However, with a few simple tweaks, … Read More

How the humble Typewriter changed the artistic world

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Humble Typewriter

In Mark Twain’s autobiography, he claimed to be the first author to submit a typewritten book manuscript for publication. He used a Remington typewriter to type out his manuscripts and, in his autobiography, he states ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ as being the first typewritten manuscript. The year – 1876. It has since been proven that the first typewritten manuscript … Read More

3 reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

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Choosing Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life, so it’s understandable that you’ll want it a certain way. For many brides, they’ve been dreaming for years about how their ideal wedding will look but making it a reality can seem both daunting and expensive.   Hiring a wedding planner may seem to be another added expense to what … Read More