How to cater for children at your wedding

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We all love a good wedding! It’s a lovely time for celebration, plus it brings the entire family together – including the old and young. Often though, young children can find the whole experience a little overwhelming. It can be a long day for them, plus it’s often geared more for the older guests. However, with a few simple tweaks, … Read More

How the humble Typewriter changed the artistic world

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Humble Typewriter

In Mark Twain’s autobiography, he claimed to be the first author to submit a typewritten book manuscript for publication. He used a Remington typewriter to type out his manuscripts and, in his autobiography, he states ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ as being the first typewritten manuscript. The year – 1876. It has since been proven that the first typewritten manuscript … Read More

3 reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

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Choosing Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life, so it’s understandable that you’ll want it a certain way. For many brides, they’ve been dreaming for years about how their ideal wedding will look but making it a reality can seem both daunting and expensive.   Hiring a wedding planner may seem to be another added expense to what … Read More

The portraits of W.S. Gilbert

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© National Portrait Gallery, London

The National Portrait Gallery currently has 13 portraits associated to Sir William Schwenck Gilbert.  What’s interesting about all of Gilbert’s portraits is how they all show him as a natural sitter. His relaxed stance is evident in all of those later years portraits and he seems to be equally at home in front of a painter or a camera. Harry … Read More

How the Victorian comic book magazine was born

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Comic Cuts was the first comic to be created in Britain. It went on to inspire a host of other comic publications by rival publishing companies. Then reporter, Alfred Harmsworth, was its creator and he used the comic to grow his small publishing firm into the largest periodical publishing company in the world, Amalgamated Press. Story papers, known as Penny … Read More

Victorian Christmas traditions

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Christmas evening winter landscape with lampposts. Vector.

The marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert bought about huge changes for Christmas, as it once was. Up until this point it hadn’t really been recognised as a holiday by businesses and the act of giving presents was something that was reserved for New Year. With the newspapers sharing insights into the newly married royal couples life, the Christmas … Read More

A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas

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GandS Christmas

During their careers, both Gilbert and Sullivan contributed to Christmas entertainment in a variety of ways. Gilbert not only contributed through his written works, but his family also enjoyed spreading the Christmas spirit through their parties and pantomimes. Sullivan did not have a family, but he kept himself busy with his compositions, including four Christmas carols and opera collaborations with … Read More

Christmas cards – a very Victorian tradition

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Victorian Christmas Cards

Christmas is a time for giving and, for many households, Christmas cards are an essential part of that giving tradition, a way to spread the joy and cheer of happy holiday greetings. However, Christmas cards weren’t always cheerful or traditional! The first commercial Christmas cards were created by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. A senior civil servant, Cole wanted to … Read More

Top ten tips for organising your next conference

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Delegates Networking During Conference Lunch Break

If you’re looking to organise a conference, you’ll no doubt be feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead. Organising your next conference is quite a large task but, if you follow these top ten tips, you’ll be able to lose some of the overwhelm and get on with the tasks! #1: Assign a team to help organise your next conference Don’t … Read More

Popular Victorian Parlour Games

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Victorian Parlour Games

Parlour games were incredibly popular during the Victorian era, as I’m sure Sir and Lady Gilbert would attest! They were played primarily by the middle and upper classes, as a means to entertain dinner party guests and small family gatherings. Parlour games were designed for indoor entertainment and were primarily played in the parlour; hence the name ‘parlour game’. They … Read More